I know these are very tough times, with the markets down and towns going into quarantine mode. Here are a few tips from Jen Goldman of Jen Goldman Consulting, most which you all know.
    1. make sure everyone knows how to log into 365 or G Suite online and access their email, calendar and Office software (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) (and email signatures are setup properly with a clickable phone number to call)
    2. have everyone bring home video call devices (webcam, headset)
    3. pre-schedule a daily huddle video call with your team to check on their mental state and help get them into work mode (side benefit: this huddle will build a great habit of getting dressed for work, which calms the nerves as it makes staff feel like they are in control of something and have a purpose beyond worrying about the world and their health)
    4. make sure mobile apps are setup for the online CRM, Document, Video Call, IM, and Project Management tools
    5. for investment management staff, make sure they can log into the custodian and investment management/trading software from home
    6. learn how to setup your phones to forward to cell phones (and be ready to put that into place)
    7. start a group text on mobile devices and ask everyone to keep it on their phones indefinitely and to NOT use it for regular chatter. It is only to be used for urgent messages that everyone needs to know. IM is for the regular intraday chatter.
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  1. patricia46 says:

    Thank you Cindy! I’m hunkered down at home, but I’ve worked from home for so long that this is the least of my problems. I’m having a meeting with my assistant (remotely) tomorrow to discuss many things.

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