Types of Malware you Need to Know about

The following information is compliments of True North Networks

Adware – a type of malware that displays advertisements on our computer and collects data about your browsing habits without your consent.

Key logger – Malicious software that tracks the keystrokes on a computer and transmits the data to another location so it can be used to detect usernames and passwords that are typed on a computer.

Ransomware – Software that locks a computer and retains control unit the user pay a certain amount of money.

Rootkit – A type of software designed to open backdoor into areas of operating system that are not supposed to be available and to mask its presence while doing so. It is used to deploy other types of malware.

Spyware – Software designed to steal user data – such as website logins and passwords or proprietary information and trade secrets – off machines it has infected.

Trojan – Malicious software that seems legitimate but contains other software that attacks the system in some way after tricking a user into activating it.

Virus – A type of malware that attaches itself to an application and then spreads to other programs and computers on the same network through an infected host file, causing a variety off damage when the application is run.

Worm – Software that infects a computer and then replicates itself from system to system on its own without the help of a host file.


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