Cybersecurity tips

The following information is compliments of True North Networks

 Over the next several weeks I’ll be writing about cybersecurity things you can to do create a more secure environment within your firm.

  1. Maintain a business class firewall
  2. Educate yourself and your employees
    1. Learn about current cyber threats and how to protect your firm
    2. Share this information with employees so they understand why cybersecurity is so important (and how they can contribute to keeping the firm safe).
  3. Common cybersecurity mistakes
    1. Post-it full of passwords – walk around your office and see if you can find a post-it full of passwords stuck to the bottom of a keyboard or monitor. Explain to employees why this is a bad idea, and give them some ideas on how to manage passwords safely.  Better yet – have a policy and make sure everyone is following it.
    2. Out-dated operating systems – no one should be running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 as they create a serious security vulnerability.
    3. Security software that never gets updated – firewall and antivirus software should be installed and updated as soon as possible. This should be part of your cybersecurity policy.
    4. Old employees still have access – create a solid password policy and have passwords changed every 90 days. I suggest creating a task in your CRM that every employee has to confirm when they change their passwords.
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