Protecting Client Identity – Red Flag Rule

One thing to keep in mind – when a client’s identity has been stolen, email hacked or hijacked or their passwords have been compromised – this information should be documented in the client’s file.  This is considered a “red flag” – something to document and keep in mind when receiving instructions from the client.  If instructions are received via email – how do you verify that it is the client?

1.  Call them to verify – at one of the numbers you have in your file.  Don’t call them on a number in the suspect email.

2.  If you don’t know clients by voice – set up a passcode that they give you when you call to verify.

Talking with one client today – we decided that the documentation of a client whose email had been hijacked would be to put FRAUD ALERT next to their name in the CRM and then document the why in the notes.




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