Free Compliance Tool

I am a Mac user. I have an iPad and just bought the iPhone4S (I couldn’t wait any longer for the 5).  While attending a One-to-One class at the Apple store, I “discovered” a great compliance tool for all you iPhone/iPad users – the app Find My iPhone.  This free tool allows you to not just find your phone, but if set up properly (the key here) you can wipe your device remotely of all information.

The remote wipe feature is especially important as most advisers have information on their devices that should be protected.

The key here is to set up your device to allow for remote wipe.  Just search “find my iphone” on and all the information you will need is readily available.

In addition, when you set up the password on your device (you MUST have a password on your device) you can also set the device to automatically lock if the wrong password has been entered ten times.

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